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Tuesday, 19 March 2013



Lahad Datu
LAHAD DATU – OCTOGENARIAN Lajin Bundik, his wife Selamah Ando, two children and six grandchildren went through a terrifying 48 hours when they were held captive by Sulu terrorists at their home in Tanjung Batu, here, last month.
Lajin when met at his granddaughter’s squatter home in Jeragan Bistari at Felda Sahabat 38, here, said it was 8am when he saw a group of armed men coming towards the village.
“They were walking from Kampung Tanduo and nine of them came to my house,” said Lajin, adding that several of them were carrying firearms while the rest were armed with machetes.
“They looked like they were geared up for a battle. I wanted to run but was too scared,” said Lajin who was with his sick wife and their four grandchildren.
Lajin said one of the terrorists approached him and told him not to worry for they only wanted food.
“They also asked us to close all the windows and doors and to remain indoors. They made themselves comfortable in my house. They took their shower and slept in the living room,” said Lajin.
He said he escaped on the second day after he heard the sound of gunfire and explosions at the village.
“They did not stop us and we ran into the plantation to seek help.”
When they reached the nearest settlement, their relative took them to Lajin’s granddaughter’s home in Felda Sahabat 38. They have been staying there since.
Lajin refused to stay at the evacuation centre because he felt uncomfortable surrounded by many people.
“It is best to be here although the place is a bit crowded with my grandchildren.”
Lajin’s family was not the only one affected by the armed terrorists.
Another villager, who is also Lajin’s son-in-law, Hamdan Arsad, 52, said the terrorists spent one night at his house.
“They asked for food and I had nothing to offer but they stayed the night. There were two women in the group.”
The next day, Hamdan asked the terrorists if they could allow him to leave. They let him go but told him not to go into the plantations.
“I walked for hours and went to my relative’s house and met my father-in-law who had earlier escaped.”
Hamdan and Lajin were among hundreds of Tanjung Batu villagers who fled their homes following the intrusion. – New Straits Times Online

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