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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pregnant Royal Style: Kate Middleton's Elegant Maternity Fashion

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been consistent with her elegant style. Browse the slideshow to see a recap of how the Duchess has been carrying her baby bump the fashionable way.

As predicted, Kate Middleton has been wearing a variety of coats and leggings for her public appearances ever since getting pregnant. The Duchess even recycled some of her outfits and wore coats that were already seen before.

Knowing Kate Middleton's style, it's no surprise if the Duchess continuously wears "seen" outfits, being the Practical Duchess that she is. One of her familiar coats is the emerald green Malene Birger coat, as well as her Goat Redgrave beige coat that has an adjustable silhouette perfect for her growing belly.

Once the Duchess reaches the later stages of her pregnancy, more coats can be expected. Some of her maternity dresses as of the moment are bought from Topshop, maintaining her affordable mantra for her style.

Kate Middleton is not the only one who has a signature celebrity maternity style. Kim Kardashian, who's currently pregnant with her and rapper, Kanye West's first child, has been wearing a lot of pencil cut skirts since her belly started inflating.

Start the slideshow to see the Duchess' elegant maternity style and maybe get a thing or two about how royals dress up their baby bumps.

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